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Welcome to the
Mark-Costello Company

Waste Compaction, Industrial Recycling Systems and On-Site Medical Waste Equipment Systems Since 1956

We are celebrating 55 years of specializing and providing solutions to the most complex situations that have made us the leader in the Waste Handling Equipment, On-Site Medical Waste Sterilization Equipment and Industrial Recycling Equipment in the marketplace.

Help comes by Bale
Out for a Local Manufacturer

The Mark-Costello Team had consulted, designed and engineered an excellent method of reducing the waste and recycle needs of this well-known clothing manufacture company in Orange County, CA. They had installed a Conveyor with a Chute and Shredder system to an open ended Horizontal Baler with Auto-Tie, which meets their demands of a 24-7 operations.

Attention Hospital Engineers

Enjoy the benefits of our New Treat & Pay Medical Waste System. We have launched a Treat and Pay System which provides an economically method to sterilize your medical waste on site. Your monthly bill is on based on pounds treated. So avoid
pre-treatment handling risks and those expensive hauling and transport fees. Contact us for a cost savings analysis today.

Treat your own Medical Waste
On site and Save Thousands!

AS510 Medical Waste Sterilizer at medical facility with cart dumper and self-contained compactor.

In Fairfield, CA. the Mark-Costello Medical Waste Treatment Team has provided a cutting edge technology by installing the AS510 Waste Sterilization System. This "Total Waste System" defines simplicity, cost reduction and streamlines housekeeping efficiency.

Experience Provides Solutions to a Complex Installation

In Los Angeles, California our Medical Waste Treatment Team was able to treat medical waste at 4 to 7 cents per pound at a major medical center. Up to 50% of a typical hospital’s waste is general waste. When mixed with red bag waste you may be paying unnecessarily high rates for the convenience of a mobile medical waste hauler. It can cost substantially less to treat your own waste on-site. Pictured above are two of Mark-Costello’s AS513 units, combined with compactors, cart dumpers and shredders.

MC Waste Consultants offers a FREE evaluation and consultation of current waste processes and procedures. We audit service provider costs to determine potential savings. Contact us today for an appointment to get started!

Now with a Self-Contained
Hybrid Solar unit!

Mark-Costello RJ 250 SC Model

This new hybrid solar unit uses no AC power while in solar mode but will automatically switch to AC if needed! The Mark-Costello Company, the first to incorporate sustainable solar power into industrial waste compaction systems, is aware of global sustainability and environmental impact with regards to our products. With each new product we have made measurable strides in reducing energy and fuel consumption while continuing to offer superior product performance.

Residential Trainable
Waste Cart System

A Property Management Company takes "trash" very seriously. In a recent story from the Los Angeles Business Journal, “Foes piles up on L.A. trash plan”. The Puente Hills landfill will close in 2013. So, we can expect those depressed fees to disappear and haulers to pass the increased landfill costs on to customers. And the California Global Warming Solutions Act (AB 32) will soon require all municipalities to ensure recycling services for commercial buildings and apartment complexes.

An excellent designed waste handling system from Mark-Costello, which provides rental or lease programs with NO money down, starting as low as, $10.00 per day!


Two Ram Balers
that Save Time and Labor!

At a large recycling facility in San Diego, California our team has installed our TR8/40 Baler System. This Baler System is a fully automatic multi-material processing system with easy changeovers. In this application we provided a below ground pit and conveyor system which make this a truly “Hands Free” system.

Mark-Costello TR8/40 Baler System

No Time to Separate your Wet Waste from your Dry Waste?
No Problem!

Mark-Costello RJ-100SLSC model

Here is an excellent view of the Streamline Compactor/Container with Liquid Drainage Line system. This greatly reduces the net payload weight by squeezing out any liquid through the specially designed passages, which the liquid is pumped out thorough; a 4” flex hose to a sanitary sewer drain line. This is idea for Hospitals, Restaurants, Grocery Stores, Processing Plants and other applications where separation of wet and dry waste is combined.

“Recycle!”……… Sir, Yes Sir!

At the USMC Camp Pendleton’s base, in Oceanside, CA. The Mark-Costello Co. Engineering Team made “Double Time” to install a new Materials Recycling Facility. Now the base is even greener due to the installation of a recycling sorting line and utilizing a multi-material baler that is a configured for non-ferrous scrap, PET, Aluminum Cans, HDPE and OCC which is integrated into MRF systems. “Good Job, Men”


Watch a video of the process.

Mark-Costello's RJ-550 Heavy-Duty Compactor

Designed for Tough and Rugged Applications

Mark-Costello's RJ-550 Heavy-Duty Compactor

This high capacity, heavy-duty compactor is ideal for industrial and commercial applications where large volumes of solid waste are generated. Its rugged construction and large hydraulic power unit allow maximum compaction performance. The RJ-550 features a large 96 1/2" x 60" clear top opening to accommodate oversized crates and cartons.

Also designed for residential collection vehicles serving transfer station applications for municipalities and private contractors. This unique Side-Mounted Power Unit, the first in the industry, offers the convenience and ease-of-maintenance of a remote power pack with the space savings of an integrated power pack. This new configuration eliminates all electrical components inside the compactor.

Don’t forget to ask about the optional TrashMinder® is the most advanced method for reporting and measuring container fullness as well as for managing user access and billing.


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