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Mark-Costello's RJ-400 Ultra Stationary Compactor: highly efficient, economical compaction equipment for today's cost conscious waste generators. The RJ-225 Ultra provides the cost-saving benefits of solid waste compaction including labor reduction, fewer collection pick-ups, and space savings.


The RJ-400 Ultra compactor is fully automatic. Simply dump waste into the large 67 1/2" x 60" charge box opening and turn the key. After the compaction cycle completes, the unit shuts down automatically. Key operation gives the operator absolute control over compactor use, eliminating expensive sharing of waste receptacles.

Ram Guide System

Ram Guide SystemThe packing ram is supported by specially formulated cast iron shoes which ride on replaceable wear strips. This exclusive design protects the charge box floor from the full force of the packing ram, extending its life and dramatically reducing compaction-robbing friction.

All of Mark-Costello's RamJet 225 Series Compactors are Totally UL Listed!

Side-Mount Power Unit

Mark-Costello's Side-Mounted Power Unit, the first in the industry, offers the convenience and ease-of-maintenance of a remote power pack with the space savings of an integrated power pack. This new configuration eliminates ALL electrical components inside the compactor.

The Pump on Mark-Costello's high performance Side-Mounted Power Unit is secured to a "C" flange TEFC motor with a machined bracket that guarantees coupling alignment. The Limit Switch and all other parts of the power unit are easily accessible for ease-of-maintenance. The Reset Button for the Motor Starter is also located on the outside which eliminates entry into the control box.

Advanced Control System

The RJ-400 Ultra features an advanced, simplified control system with 2 button operation. It is key-operated and fully automatic. The heavy duty push button controls are contained in a weatherproof NEMA 13 enclosure. Connected to the power pack with 13' of sealtite, the controls can be located for operator convenience.

Structural Dimensions

RJ-400VL Stationary Compactor

  1. Side-Mount Power Unit
  2. Power Unit Weather Cover
  3. Control Panel Box
  4. Motor Starter Reset Button
  5. Limit Switch
  6. Ram
  7. Ram Guide Shoes with Replaceable Wear Strips
A B C D E *F *G1


173 3/4" 78" 48 9/16" 69" 60" 75 1/2" 95 3/4"


31 1/2" 9" 102 3/4" 71" 38" 10" 38 1/2" 14 3/4" 5"
3035 mm 1981 mm 1233 mm 1753 mm 1524 mm 1905 mm 2705 mm

2705 mm
229 mm

76 mm
800 mm 226 mm 2610 mm 1803 mm 965 mm 229 mm 254 mm 375 mm 127 mm

* At Bolt Centers (reference dimensions only)
Charge Box Capacity
[Mfrs. Rating] 3.0 cy 2.3 m3
[WASTEC Rating] 2.55 cy 1.95 m3
Clear Top Opening 67.5" X 60" 1714mm x 1524mm
Capacity Per Hour 184 cy 140 m3
Performance Data
Cycle Time 50 s 50 s
Total Normal Force 46,700 lb 208 kN
Total Maximum Force 55,100 lb 245 kN
Normal Ram Face Pressure 26.8 psi 185 kPa
Maximum Ram Face Pressure 31.7 psi 218 kPa
Ram Penetration 13" 330 mm
Electrical Equipment
Electrical Motor 3/60-208/230/460 15 hp 11.2 kW
Electrical Control Voltage 120 VAC 120 VAC
UL Labeled Panel Box: Type NEMA 3R, All Circuits Fused
Standard 2 Button Controls: Keylock Start/ Mushroom Stop Connected to 13' Sealtite
Hydraulic Equipment
Hydraulic Pump Capacity 18.5 gpm 70 L/min.
Normal Pressure 1650 psi 11.4 mPa
Maximum Pressure 1950 psi 13.4 mPa
Hydraulic Cylinder 6" Bore x 4" Rod 152 mm x 102 mm
Weight 6100 lbs. 2767 kg

Pictures on this page are illustrative only. Specifications are subject to change without notice to accommodate improvements to the equipment. Certified in compliance with ANSI Regulation Z245.2, all OSHA standards, and certified under WASTEC's Stationary Compactor Certification Program. Products must be used with safe practice and in accordance with said regulations and standards.

RJ-225VL Stationary Compactor

Optional Features

The optional TrashMinder® is the most advanced method for reporting and measuring container fullness as well as for managing user access and billing. Click here for details.

Multi-cycle timer, dual controls, ozone odor control system, security chutes, hoppers, cart dumpers and many other options are also available as well as a full line of compaction containers.

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