The StreamLine Option allows any of Mark-Costello's Self-Contained Compactor/ Containers to...

drain excess liquid from the container,

reducing net payload weight

and significantly reducing hauling costs!

How the StreamLine System Works

As the ram pushes the high liquid content waste into the container , it squeezes out liquid through normal compaction. Specially designed "passages" on the container floor direct liquids into an internal plumbing system . Liquid is then routed to at least one of four large 4" drains at each corner of the unit regardless of the pitch of the pad on which the unit is installed. Each unit is factory tested to assure leakproof construction. One ball valve comes standard on the unit.

This Streamline RJ-88SLSC, located at a grocery store, allows liquid from wet waste to be drained off before the unit is hauled to the landfill.

Available Options for the StreamLine Self-Contains

Additional Ball Vales
Hoses & Piping
Pump-out Tank
Cart Dumper Systems
Ozone Odor Control Systems
Doghouses and Chute Systems

Other Features & Benefits of Mark-Costello's Self-Contained Compactors:

CYCON Life-Xtender®, Cyclic Control System features reliable solid state circuitry that eliminates all pressure and limit switches.
Remote Power Unit
Curved Bubble Gate for superior compaction ratios and more capacity
Mark-Costello's patented Double Hinge for a even seal without scrubbing and assured liquid retention
"P" Seal around the door also aids in liquid retention
Easy and fast installation! Installation costs are cut by half over conventional compaction systems.
Fire hose connection provided on each unit.
Factory testing to assure leakproof construction.

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