Mark-Costello's Side-Mount Power Unit...
the Industry's First!

Mark-Costello's Side-Mount Power Unit

Standard on all stationary compactors 2-5 cubic yard, Mark-Costello's Side-Mount Power Unit is the best of both worlds... the convenience and ease-of-maintenance that comes with a remote power pack and the space savings and ease-of-installation of an integrated power pack.

New integrated design is superior to the old internal power unit.

The power unit and reservoir extend only 8 1/2" from the side of the compactor body. The Side-Mounted Power Unit is standard on all 2 through 5 cubic yard units (10 HP and 15 HP). Larger units (20 HP and above) will be supplied with remote (or top mounted) power systems.

New configuration eliminates ALL electrical components from the inside of the compactor.

Provides Easier Maintenance: most servicing, such as changing the oil, may be accomplished without entering the compactor body.

Operator Accessible Reset Button for the Motor Starter eliminates entry into Panel Box.

Advanced, Simplified Control System features two button, rather than three button, operation.

Limit Switch is on the outside of the compactor body for ease-of-maintenance and protection from damage.

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