Wet Waste Self-Contained Compactors
Mark-Costello's RJ-250SC Self-Contained Compactor

Use these products for weekly volumes of more than 100 cubic yards of uncompacted wet or dry/ general waste materials. All models have a packer head permanently attached to the container.


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What You Should Consider When Buying Compaction Equipment
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Steel & Operational Options:
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Mark-Costello's "state-of-the-art" roll-off Self-Contained Compactor/ Containers are designed to handle large volumes of wet waste as well as mixed wet and dry waste. The RJ-250SC is particularly well suited for applications where large boxes are discarded or waste is fed into the unit by means of a chute or conveyor. A lockable doghouse can be added to keep unauthorized users out.

RJ-88SC Self-Contained CompactorThe smaller RJ-88SC is well suited for installations where space is limited. It can easily be loaded from ground or dock level and continuously fed while the unit is cycling.

Features & Benefits of Mark-Costello's Self-Contained Wet Waste Compaction Equipment:

Mark-Costello's CYCON Life-Xtender® Cyclic Control System:Cycon Life Extended eliminates troublesome limit and pressure cycle control switches. It also reduces trash removal cost by producing superior payloads and dramatically improving cold weather performance.
Mark-Costello's compactors meet all of ANSI and OSHA standards. Check out our overview of the ANSI compactor installation guidelines.
Each unit is Totally UL Listed to assure quality and maintains the highest industry standards.
Standard double end pick-up (except HT models) which allows the unit to be loaded for hauling from either end. This is especially useful if the self-contained unit is perpendicular to a dock.
Qwik Clean TankThe Qwik Clean Tank® with the exclusive Trash Check feature, funnels any liquid seepage during compaction into an enclosed area underneath the charge box floor. The liquid is automatically discharged at the disposal site, in effect flushing the container and the area behind the ram.
Rear door retains wet waste effectively with its patented "Double-Hinge" and custom designed "P" Seal.
The innovative "Bubble Gate" adds a cubic yard to the container capacity. Its curved shape also produces superior compaction ratios.
Through-the-wall feed chutes offer convenience to employees that reduces labor cost and improves security.
Click on the model numbers below for detailed information on each unit including features & benefits and specifications:
Charge Box
Clear Top
1.52 cy.
40" x 58"
1.52 cy.
40" x 58"
1.53 cy.
35" x 60"
1.53 cy.
35" x 60"
1.32 cy.
35" x 60"
0.07 cy.
30 1/2" x 48"
0.07 cy.
30 1/2" x 48"
1.24 cy.
23" x 42"
3.00 cy.
67 1/2" x 60"
Dry Box

Mark-Costello's Signature Series Warranty:
Signature Series Warranty
3 Year Warranty on Structure,
2 Year Warranty on Components, and
6 Month Warranty on Labor

Value Line is a special product line for today's dollar conscience waste generators. Value Line optimizes Mark-Costello quality and keen pricing. The RJ-250VL comes complete with double-end pick-up capabilities, Qwik Clean Tank®, remote power unit, Bubble-Gate Door and CYCON Life-Xtender®.

StreamLine OptionThe StreamLine option allows excess liquid to be drained from the container reducing net payload weight and significantly reducing hauling costs!

Liquid is routed to four interconnected 4" drain outlets located at each corner of the StreamLine unit. Connection can be made to a hose, piping, or pump. Click here to see how the StreamLine System works.

Mark-Costello's Dry Box Self-ContainedChoose the Dry Box Option for applications where there is no wet waste present.

Click Here to Check out the Dry Box Option for Self-Contained Compactors...

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