Mark-Costello Conveyor Systems

Mark-Costello offers complete MRF systems including balers, sorting lines, conveyors, bins, platforms, fluffers, etc.

MRF Conveyor Systems

Kelowna (K2)

High volume sorting line conveyor system.

This system is a combination chainbelt feed conveyor and heavy-duty sliderbed sorting line conveyor(s). It can be used for OCC separation, mixed paper high grading, curbside container sorting, mixed waste sorting, and dirty MRFs.

Sorting lengths up to 120 ft. for removing high value items from the waste stream.

5 ft. wide OSHA platform on both sides of the conveyor.

12 ft. clearance for loading equipment traffic

30 ft. binwalls with gates.

Variable speed controls

Mark-Costello XStream Series (MX)

Mark-Costello Xstream Series (MX) is a custom engineered systems for handling MSW, C&D, and other high volume applications with high service factor materials such as transfer stations, landfill applications, rail transfer and dirty MRFs.

Features a custom designed steel belt conveyor(s), grizzlies and vibrating conveyor options, various magnetic separation options, and offers engineering and architectural services.

Low Volume / Curbside (LVC)

Competitively priced equivalent to other small sorting systems.

Sorting lengths up to 40 ft.

Two Sliderbed (SB) conveyor system ideal for curbside container sorting.

5 ft. wide OSHA compliant platform on one side.

7 ft. clearance for a 4 cubic yard container.

Variable speed controls.

Available in above grade (AG) and below grade (BG) infeed configurations

Magnetic separation package also available.

MRF Sorting Line Conveyors

Medium Volume / Curbside (MVC)

Medium Volume/ Curbside (MVC) is a moderately priced, versatile, sorting system for use with adjacent baling line.

Features two heavy-duty Sliderbed conveyors with magnetic separation.

5 ft. wide OSHA compliant platform on both sides of the conveyor line.

9 ft. clearance for loading equipment traffic.

25 ft. long binwalls.

Variable speed controls.

Available in above grade (AG) and below grade (BG) infeed configurations.

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