Sliderbed Conveyor Systems

Mark-Costello's Sliderbed Conveyors are friction driven conveyors with a belt supporting bed for low to medium volume applications. This group of conveyors is divided into three classes:

Sliderbed Baler Feed (SB)

For low volume (2 to 4 tons/hour) baler and compactor feed applications such as Mark-Costello's Closed-End and Side-Eject balers and waste compactors. They feature a 2 ply rubber cleated belt; 2 hp motor for above grade (AG) and 3 hp motor for below grade (BG) applications.

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Sliderbed Warehouse (SBW)

Used for overhead transfer to compactors and low volume (1 to 2 tons/hour) balers. They feature a 2 ply ruff top belt; 2 to 5 hp motor; and light weight construction for suspension systems.

Sliderbed Heavy Duty (SBH)

Used for medium volume (3 to 15 tons/hour) baler feed applications where heavier duty components and longer belts are required such as in Material Recovery Facilities. They are also ideal for Closed-End and Side-Eject balers as well as Open-End, Auto-Ties and shredders. They feature 3 to 10 hp motors; 3 ply rubber cleated belt; spherical roller bearings.


Sliderbed Conveyors
Product Class Application Widths Overall Lengths Configuration
SB Low volume (2 to 4 tph) 24" - 72". up to 40 ft. AG or BG
Variable Speed (VS) control optional
SBW Low volume (1 to 2 tph) 20" - 36" up to 100 ft. W (Warehousing)
SBH Medium volume (3 to 15 tph) 36" - 72" up to 100 ft. BG
Heavy Duty 3 ply belt, Spherical Roller, Bearings, Large Diameter Pulley

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