Processing Medical Waste
What you need to know when buying Sterilization Equipment

Capital Equipment Cost

Is cost the most important aspect of the purchase? The Mark-Costello Co. sterilization systems are the least expensive of any biohazardous waste manufacturer in the USA.

Flexibility of Design

How much technology do you need or want? The Mark-Costello Co. allows our customers to choose the level of technical sophistication they desire. We offer a simple system that does not require computer expertise. A chart recorder or digital printer is used to record cycle time and temperature. However, for those who prefer state-of-the-art sterilization systems, we build the most complete "no handling" Totally Automated Robotic waste treatment system available.

Life Expectancy of Unit

How long can we expect to operate the sterilizer before a replacement is necessary? The Mark-Costello Co. has customers with sterilizers that have been in continuous operation for over 20 years.

Handle a Wide Variety of Medical Waste Containers

Mark-Costello medical waste processing systems can be designed to take advantage of a wide range of medical waste containers to preserve the value of your current container equipment investment.

Loading Procedures

How difficult is it to load the sterilizer chamber? Some medical waste sterilizers require the operator to place a liner in a tilted chamber and use a ring clamp to secure it. Height of the unit can be a problem with ground level units. The only other option is the use of a portable cart dumper. When using The Mark-Costello Co. cart system, the carts are simply draped with a liner and the loaded cart moved into the chamber via a lightweight ramp, via a lightweight ramp, hydraulically operated carriage, or a hydraulically operated scissor lift.


What are estimated maintenance costs for the sterilizer? Our customers tell us their maintenance costs for The Mark-Costello Co. standard sterilizers average approximately $60 per month and basically involve lubrication and the occasional change of the door gasket.

View our Medical Waste Sterilizer brochure.

For more information and immediate assistance with your hospital waste sterilization and medical waste processing needs, please contact Mark-Costello Co. today.

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