Medical Waste Sterilizers
Systems for Regulated Medical Waste Processing

The Mark-Costello Co. has been building high pressure steam autoclave steam waste sterilizers for over 30 years. Safe and economical treatment, processing and disposal of bio hazardous waste is an issue, not only in the United States, but around the world.

Our long list of customers, both here and abroad, include:

  • Hospitals and Major Medical Centers for hospital waste sterilization, destruction and regulated medical waste treatment for safe disposal

  • International Airports and their Catering Services for sterilization and disposal of food waste from international flights

  • Pharmaceutical Companies for pharmaceutical waste processing

  • Laboratories  for sterilization of microbiological laboratory lab waste

  • Regional Medical Waste Processing Centers as a productive and profitable way for medical waste disposal companies to service their clients safely and efficiently

Inside view of MC's fabrication plant displaying multiple units being prepped for shipment.

Over the years we have made significant improvements to our waste disposal system design to enhance the operation efficiency and material handling function of the sterilizer.  View our Medical Waste Sterilizer brochures:

To reduce material handling we have introduced both a semi-automated system and our EZ medical waste disposal system. We consistently offer the latest ancillary equipment and engineering services to complete any installation requirements, no matter how complicated.

The Mark-Costello Co. provides the finest long- life sterilization systems with lower maintenance and capital equipment cost than any sterilization system manufacturer in the world.

To whom it may concern,

Pleased with the equipment

We are quite pleased with our Mark-Costello sterilizer. The sterilizer has been working fine for many years. We recently purchased additional equipment from them, and are impressed with their response time and friendly service. We hope to continue a great working relationship with Mark-Costello in the future for additional pieces of equipment.

Jennifer Poole
Greenhouse manager
Kentucky BioProcessing
Owensboro, Kentucky
May 3, 2010

We will do business with them again!

To whom it may concern:

We are a commercial processing company in Alaska. We recently purchased a large industrial sterilizer from Mark-Costello that we were not able to view prior to buying.

Needless to say, we were not disappointed. The entire team was there for us from the beginning to the present. Customer service is a very high priority for Mark-Costello.
We look forward to doing more business with them in the future.

Jim & Nancy Oliver
Safety Waste Incineration
Wasilla, Alaska

Features and Benefits of Mark-Costello's Medical Waste Sterilizer:
   NO PRE-TREATMENT HANDLING RISKS. The Mark-Costello Co. System utilizes autoclavable carts that can eliminate employee handling of untreated waste from point of generation to final disposal.
   CAPITAL COST. The Mark-Costello Co. Sterilizer is by far the least expensive medical waste treatment system available.
   STERILIZERS AVAILABLE FOR ANY SIZE FACILITY. Units are capable of treating 100 to 1,125 lbs. or more per cycle.
   MAINTENANCE. Average cost to maintain our stand-alone gravity type sterilizer is less than $60.00 per month.
   LONGEVITY. The Mark-Costello Co. has been manufacturing medical waste steam sterilizers since 1973. There are Mark-Costello Co. Sterilizers still in operation after 20 years of service.
   LEAST COMPLICATED TO OPERATE. Some companies actually require the hospital to send engineers to the factory for training. The Mark-Costello Co. Sterilizers require nothing more than a brief in-service training period at the site following installation.
   SIMPLE TO INSTALL. The Mark-Costello Co. Sterilizers are usually installed by hospital personnel, or local equipment contractors.
   EQUIPMENT DESIGN UNCHANGED. There is no need to be concerned that the system will soon be out of date, making it difficult to obtain parts and repairs.
   UTILITY CONSUMPTION. Most Mark-Costello Co. Sterilizers use existing low cost readily available hospital steam supply. Only single-phase electricity is necessary.
   STEAM STERILIZATION VS DISINFECTION. Because of the National and World focus on the spread of infectious disease, the eradication of all microbial life in the waste stream is imperative. The Sterilization process is the best assurance the hospital can have for proper spore kill.

For more information and immediate assistance with your waste sterilization and disposal needs, please contact Mark-Costello Co. today.

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