Cycle Control Systems
Photoelectric Cycle Control

The Photoelectric Cycle Control consists of a light source and a reflector. The kit can be mounted on the chute attached to the packer or on opposite walls of the room in which the packer is installed. In the latter arrangement, two holes, properly located so as to eliminate any hazard, should be provided in the chute for the light beam. This mounting arrangement keeps the photoelectric eye and reflector cleaner and reduces the chance of accidental mis-alignment while in use. The light source is LED and, therefore, the beam is not visible. It will, however, penetrate dust and carry over a longer distance than the conventional light bulb. When the light beam has been interrupted for approximately 15 seconds, it will automatically activate the packer which will continue running until the obstruction between the light source and reflector is cleared.

Recommended for use with Photoelectric Cycle Control, the Automatic Shutdown prevents extended continuous packer operation due to "blocked" photoelectric eye, thereby avoiding unnecessary wear and tear to the packer due to heat buildup. This option package includes a timer which can be set for up to 30 minutes (for high-rise applications, we recommend 15 to 30 minutes), an illuminated push button so that the operator knows why the unit has shut down, plus other completing parts. To deactivate the timer, one merely depresses the illuminated push button after clearing the blockage.

Jog Control Station

Jog Control Station
Packer mounted Jog Control Station - The Jog Control Station is mounted on the charge box end of the packer (RH standard - if LH is desired, it must be specified.) It consists of a three position key switch - Remote, OFF, Bypass, and a three position selector switch - Ram Extend, Off, Ram Retract. The key switch is normally left in the "Remote" mode. In that position, the remote push button station can be operated, but the Jog Control Station is deactivated. When the container is to be emptied, the driver's key is inserted and the switch rotated to the "Bypass" mode, which permits the driver to manually control the packer in order to clear the charge box. If the container will be absent for a period of time, the key switch can be rotated to "Off" position, which deactivates all controls and prevents cycling the unit without the container present. This option is particularly useful for chute fed installations, especially where access into the building is difficult.
Hold To Run Button -
Sustained Manual Pressure Control Button
The Hold To Run Button - Sustained Manual Pressure Control Button requires the compactor operator to remain at the remote push button station while the compactor is in use and may be required to meet ANSI standards in certain applications. Actuation requires depressing the "Hold To Run" and the "Start" button is released. If the "Hold To Run" button is released, the unit will shut off.
Multi-Cycle Timer
The Multi-Cycle Timer is installed in the electrical panel box and is adjustable from 0 seconds to 17 minutes. When the "Start" button is depressed, it automatically activates the timer. The compactor will operate for the specified time, the packer ram will automatically retract and the unit will stop. Timer is preset by Mark-Costello at 3 cycles and can be adjusted by the user.
Programmed Timer
  The Programmed Timer can be adjusted from 3 to 30 minutes to automatically start the compactor. This option is desirable when the compactor is conveyor fed or when the refuse is fed to the compactor at a predictable rate. The Programmed Timer includes a three position selector switch for Automatic, OFF, and Manual modes. This option should be used with an interlocked enclosure and a container full light.

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