Mark-Costello's ATLAS® Baler Offers a World of Benefits

The Atlas Baler features heavy duty construction.

Mark-Costello flexes its muscles again with the powerful new performer, the ATLAS Multi-Material Baler is designed to meet the needs of the medium production customer.

Facilities baling from one to three tons per hour are considered medium production customers. The ATLAS Baler offers the most affordable, highly efficient, mid-size baler for the non ferrous scrap industry. This baler's heavy construction is perfect for the scrap industry. Common materials baled are aluminum and steel cans, aluminum and copper wire, aluminum siding, extrusions, radiators, etc.

The ATLAS offers a world of benefits. Its specially designed bolt-on and replaceable body and ram shear blades provide optimum performance and ease of maintenance which eliminates precutting of most materials. This baler has a high efficiency power unit designed for maximum productivity and minimal maintenance. Its "Stressed Engineered Construction" for superior size to weight ratio. The ATLAS produces heavier, more dense bales resulting in labor saving dollars for you.

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