BlokPak® 3000 Producing Maximum Loads in Idaho

BlokPak 3000 Transfer Station

This BlokPak 3000 in Idaho was installed in an existing over-the-top transfer station facility.

Mark-Costello Equipment Company's BlokPak 3000 Transfer Compactor has been installed at a transfer station in Blackfoot, Idaho. This transfer station, operated by Idaho Waste Systems, was originally built to function in the traditional transfer station manner with a front loader pushing the waste into over-the-top transfer trailers. The refuse then would be tamped using a backhoe.

  The BlokPak 3000, now running at the site, works much like a precrusher. Municipal solid waste is pushed from the collection floor into a charge chamber and compacted into a compaction chamber against a vertical gate. The machine continues to cycle building a dense log of refuse in the compaction chamber. When the designated log size is complete, the gate is raised and compaction ram pushes the log of trash into the transfer trailer.

Fred Perez, of Idaho Solid Waste is very pleased with the BlokPak's performance. "We have been able to reach our maximum truckloads in a very short time," said Perez. "This is important since we haul the waste more than 250 miles to the landfill in Mountain Home, Idaho. We are able to get 34 tons of waste in the truck to achieve our load limits."

BlokPak 3000 Transfer CompactorThe 8 ft. bales of refuse are pushed into the trailer with the ram extending well into the trailer. At the Idaho site, 3 to 4 bales produce the maximum load desired. After the last bale is pushed into the trailer, the gate closes allowing the compaction process to continue. It also makes for a clean breakaway.

Mark-Costello's distributor, Solid Waste Systems out of Spokane, Washington, sold and installed the BlokPak 3000. The unit is more than 53 ft. long and features a 100" L x 80" W x 82" D charge chamber. It has a 100 hp motor and computerized control panel that allows for manual and automatic operation.

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