Options Galore! Mark-Costello Offers Options to Fit Installation Requirements

Mark-Costello's waste compaction equipment can be fitted with a variety of optional equipment. This RJ-225 Stationary Compactor is fitted with a 3-sided feed hopper, access gate, hand & toe rails, and tread plate top.

Options are an essential part of just about any compactor installation. Whether the option is for safety issues, convenience, operation efficiencies or monitoring systems, waste handling equipment can be fitted with a variety of bells and whistles to meet the demands of the application.

Mark-Costello's compactor options cover several categories such as container fullness measuring systems, usage measurement systems, cycle control systems, power pack options, odor Bill Wilkersoncontrol systems, and steel options.

"Mark-Costello has clearly been the innovator in compactor options," says Bill Wilkerson, Group Sales Vice-president. "In fact, nobody can touch [Mark-Costello] when it comes to variety of options. We were the first with the mailbox style doghouse, the telescoping chute, the counterbalance hopper lid, barn style doors and much more."

Wilkerson goes on to explain that many of the steel and operational options are driven by ANSI and OSHA standards. However, Mark-Costello is usually ahead of the game with designs that meet or exceed these standards - even before they are established. All of Mark-Costello's options are manufactured or assembled in-house.

A Mark-Costello RJ-225 with hopper, access gate and hand and toe railsEach installation has unique requirements. To determine the steel and operational options for the installation, a thorough analysis of the application is conducted during the site survey. The site survey is conducted by the local Mark-Costello representative or Regional Sales Manager. The survey will answer questions such as: What ANSI or OSHA standard applies to the application? How will the compactor be fed? Will it be fed by hand, a cart dumper, or fork lift? Will a security chute be required? The answers to these and other questions will help the installation to be used at optimum efficiency to give the customer the best return on investment. [Click here to see some of the other things to consider before buying compaction equipment]

Mark-Costello routinely constructs custom configuration for unique situations. Some of these include mechanical cart dumpers, platforms, doghouses, special chutes, hydraulic components, just to mention a few. Mark-Costello offers design assistance with a full staff of engineers.

For an overview of the many Steel and Operational Options available from Mark-Costello, visit our new Options pages! For more information or a complete site survey, contact your local Mark-Costello representative, your Regional Sales Manager or call 1-800-269-7237.

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