Garden Apartments and Property Management Waste Solutions by Mark-Costello

This property management application features two RJ-250SC 34 yd. self-contained compactors. They are conveniently placed near the mailboxes at the property entrance.

Trash disposal, trash containers and collection can be a real challenge for the esthetics of real-estate properties. Property management applications like garden apartments, apartment complexes, condominiums, hotels, malls, and office complexes take pride in their appearance.

A Mark-Costello compactor trash removal system can provide many cost saving benefits as well as aesthetical alternatives to front load containers and curb side collection. Mark-Costello manufactures the highest quality waste compaction equipment in a variety of sizes to accommodate the waste volume of any application.

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Features and Benefits:

  • Tenants put trash in a container, no picking up trash on the curb.

  • There is only one trash site to keep clean.

  • Eliminates the need for several unsightly front load locations and consolidates into one attractive location.

  • Extends pavement life by requiring fewer front load truck pick-ups.

  • The hauler moves maximum loads–up to 10 tons per movement!

  • Property management pays only for the trash they generate.

  • In most cases, the hauler rents and maintains the compactor.

  • Reduces fire hazard and saves on insurance premiums.

  • Requires less space for storage of solid waste.

  • Can be located in an attractive corral or drive-by for easy access. Most are located at an exit of the property, at the clubhouse or mailbox area.

  • Special doghouse hoppers available such as the mailbox and telescoping hoppers for convenience.

This equipment includes self-contained compactors, stationary compactors with breakaway compaction containers, vertical compactors with containers serviced by front load collection vehicles, compactors for chute fed systems located in small trash rooms, and much more.

A Mark-Costello system in a enclosure or corral can be located in a convenient area for easy drive-by access. Most are located at the property's exit, clubhouse or mailbox area. The compactor, "hidden" in the enclosure, can be equipped with access doors, chutes and special "doghouses" for security.

In many cases, one trash site can service an entire complex. This means only one trash site to keep clean. When there are several open-top trash bins, haulers have to make frequent visits to keep up with the volume. With a compaction system, the hauler can move up to 10 tons of waste per movement. And, with fewer front load trucks making pick-ups this extends pavement life. The property management pays only for the trash they generate. In most cases, the hauler rents and maintains the compactor. It also reduces fire hazard and saves on insurance premiums.

For more information on how Mark-Costello can provide solutions to your Property Management Waste Disposal Challenges, contact your local Mark-Costello distributor or call 1-800-269-7237 and order a free brochure.

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