Mark-Costello Receives Design Patent for the Stealth® Horizontal Baler

A couple of modified Stealth Balers await shipment. The angled steel and large bale chamber are some of the most noticeable characteristics of the Stealth's design.

Mark-Costello has recently obtained a design patent on its STEALTH Baler. This unique closed-end, horizontal baler boast the most affordable horizontal baler for cardboard and similar material on the market. "This best selling baler is based on a simple concept," says Vice-president of Engineering, Kent Spiers. "It breaks baler paradigm in its' simplicity.

The most unique characteristics are the angled steel components. These offer several benefits such as keeping debris from building up in key areas.

The Stealth was specially designed for baling corrugated cardboard and will process approximately 2 to 3 tons per hour. The large feed opening of 46" x 60" allows for a variety of sizes of materials to be baled. The Stealth produces bale sizes in excess of 1600 lbs. and is easily tied off with the option of tying through the door or sides. The Stealth also features a self-contained power unit.

While the most common application is for baling used corrugated cardboard, other uses have been successful such as baling clothing that is then shipped to a foreign country in relief efforts. These units are built without a shear blade so that it doesn't damage the cloths.


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