Major Retail Chain Uses Stockroom Baler to Control Cardboard

A load of StockRoom baler's prepared for shipment to retail stores in Florida.

Mark-Costello Equipment has begun installation of its StockRoom Baler in hundreds of outlets of a major retail chain. Mark-Costello developed the StockRoom Baler to fit into small stockrooms of dollar stores, drug stores, and other retail applications. This ongoing project will help these stores control the high volume of Mark-Costello's StockRoom Vertical Balercardboard they generate as well as provide income from recycling the 200-400 lb. bales.

The StockRoom Baler is a self-contained vertical baler that is small enough in size to fit through a standard door. It is also built on casters. These features allow it to be easily installed in existing stores with very little site preparation. It is easy to operate with many features to minimize time and effort for store personnel.

Bale CartMark-Costello has also addressed the problem of getting the bales of cardboard out of the store and moved to a pick-up area. To do this, Mark-Costello developed a unique cart that has casters and a special dumping mechanism. The Bale Cart is positioned in front of the bale chamber and, automatically, the bales are ejected onto the bale cart. The bale can then be rolled to the pick-up area.

Retail stores accumulate a lot of cardboard from shipping cartons of merchandise stock. The StockRoom Baler is an economical alternative for removing this cardboard and keeping stockrooms clear of debris.

Mark-Costello also manufactures horizontal and vertical balers of all sizes for use in larger stores and distribution centers. For more information on the StockRoom Baler or any of Mark-Costello's waste handling and recycling equipment, call 1-(562) 630-7950.



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