TrashMinder® Adds Intelligence to Waste Management

Mark-Costello Receives Design Patent for Stealth Baler

A TrashMinder Usage Monitor, shown attached to the operator control panel, monitors the usage of a RJ250SC at a mall installation.

You wouldn't dream of paying for a full tank of gas when you are getting only a half tank full. But that's exactly what often happens in trash removal. Waste containers that are only partially full are picked up, but you are paying for pickup of a full container. Mark-Costello's TrashMinder is the practical solution for this problem.

Mark-Costello fills the need in the waste industry with the TrashMinder waste compactor management control and security systems. There are no windows to see inside a compaction container and the pressure gauge merely indicates how much force is needed to push additional trash into the container at one point in time. This makes it virtually impossible to manually or visually gauge compactor fullness.

Reliable Container Fullness Monitor

The TrashMinder monitors use digital technology to track the pressure of each compaction, while an on-board processor tracks the rate of change. A complex algorithm calculates fullness. When the container has reached a preset level, the monitor automatically sends a request for pickup to a fax, pager or computer. This patented approach is the only proven method of reliably determining compactor container fullness.

Ensure You're Getting the Service You're Paying For

With a TrashMinder monitor, you will never have to wonder if you're getting the service you are paying for. Whether you choose a basic monitoring system or add on a remote computer-based management system, you'll have control and full reports regarding the exact date and time that a pickup was requested and made. This will provide an accurate audit trail to cross-check against hauler invoices.

Detailed Reports

With the TrashMinder Compactor Monitoring Software offers management the added dimension of detailed reporting of compactor fullness, operating and activity status pickup history and much more. A virtually unlimited number of compactors can be monitored, for the ultimate in efficiency and control.

Track Many Individual Users for Each Compactor

TrashMinder will watch your compactor around the clock. There are several options available that tracks compactor usage, down to who, when and where. This prevents unauthorized people from using the compactor. This is especially useful in multi-tenant facilities where it is tough to track the compactor's usage and by whom. With TrashMinder you can even charge tenants based on actual usage, with all the accounting done automatically. The system also facilitates payment by tenants on a credit or debit basis.


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The Key is an exciting new application of digital chip technology. A chip in a dime-sized holder records usage and controls access to waste compactors.

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