Marathon StockRoom®
Vertical Baler

Grocery stores, department stores, drug stores, and retail stores will benefit from Mark-Costello's Stockroom Baler®. This baler is built on casters for easy maneuverability and is designed to fit nicely into even the smallest stockrooms. The overall height of 78" and 35 1/2" depth allows it to roll through any standard door. It also has a automatic bale ejection system.

The StockRoom Baler® features an automatic bale eject system. This along with Mark-Costello's exclusive Baler Cart makes unloading and transporting the bales quick and easy for even the smallest store clerk.

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Mark-Costello's Unique Bale Cart
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Features & Benefits of the StockRoom® Baler

Compact size allows it to easily fit into existing stockrooms.

Bale Feed Gate opens automatically at the end of each cycle for "hands free" loading.

UL Listed Motor Control Panel - NEMA Type 1, with external motor starter "Reset" button. Standard Controls: Keyed On/Off, Auto Cycle, Emergency Stop, and Platen Up/Platen Down. Indicator Lights: Interlock System "OK", Bale Made Light and Auto Shutdown.

The unit has a Automatic Bale Ejector for quick and easy turn-around time. It also keeps store personnel from having to go behind the equipment.

4 Swivel Casters allow it to be rolled through a standard door making installation quick and easy.

Power Unit: The compact design of the Power Unit allows it to tuck neatly on the side of the baler. It consist of a TEFC (Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled) motor (1.5 HP/Single Phase or 5 HP/3 Phase); energy efficient, multi-stage pump and 9 Gal. hydraulic fluid reservoir. The two 3" (bore) cylinders feature PTFE lined, composite bushings for longer life and low maintenance.

Tying the bale is quick and easy with the optional Front Tie-Off System. Special channels guide the bale tying wires over, behind and under the bale. This keeps the store personnel from having to go behind the unit, saving time and space.

Easy Grip Wheeled Ratchet for controlled opening of the bale chamber door.

Anchor Strap provided on each side of the unit. The baler must be anchored to the floor before it is used. (unit is not shown anchored in this picture)


Structural Dimensions

StockRoom Baler Spec Drawing
Bale Chamber 28"H x 24"D (711mm x 610mm)
Load Opening 42"W x 20"H (1067mm x 508mm)
Penetration 12" (305mm)
Baler Weight 1,800 lbs. (816.5kg)
Performance Data
Cycle Time (empty) 40 Sec
Platen Force 23,750 lbs. (105.6kN)
Electrical Motor 1.5 HP (1.12 kW)
Electrical Control Voltage
Single Phase
115 VAC
(Other voltages available)
Hydraulic Pump Capacity 4.4 gpm (16.7 L/min.)
System Pressure 2,000 psi (138 bar)
(2) Hydraulic Cylinders 3" bore (76mm)
Cylinder Stroke 25" (635mm)
Bale Size
Bale Width 42" (1067mm)
Bale Depth 24" (610mm)
Bale Height 28" (711mm)
Bale Weight (OCC) 200-400 lbs. (90.72 - 181.44 kg)

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