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“We have been very pleased with the performance and the cost savings that the trash compactors from The Mark-Costello Company have provided to our school district.”
Jim Mitroff
Facilities Manager
San Diegutio School District

“It’s been a great relationship with The Mark-Costello Company; they are very dependable to all of our waste handling requirements and have made us aware of the importance of recycling and the upcoming waste handling issues in the future.”

Jim Poltl
Executive Director of Maintenance
San Marcos Unified School District

To whom it may concern,

Pleased with the equipment

We are quite pleased with our Mark-Costello sterilizer. The sterilizer has been working fine for many years. We recently purchased additional equipment from them, and are impressed with their response time and friendly service. We hope to continue a great working relationship with Mark-Costello in the future for additional pieces of equipment.

Jennifer Poole
Greenhouse manager
Kentucky BioProcessing
Owensboro, Kentucky


This letter is to thank you for your services to our company. Your teamwork has been very attentive and diligent in the way it has been carried out. We are very pleased with the teamwork, the price and the quality of your services.

We expect to continue an excellent business relationship with you in the near future.


Carlos Miranda Luna
President MWT Inc.


La presente es para agradecer sus servicios a nuestra compañia.  Su equipo de trabajo ha sido muy atento y diligente en las gestiones realizadas.  Estamos muy complacidos con el equipo, el precio y la calidad de sus servicios.

Esperamos seguir contando con una excelente relacion de negocios en un futuro muy cercano.


Carlos Miranda Luna
Presidente MWT Inc.

Dear Mr. Markle:

San Ramon regional Medical Center has owned and operated a Model AS46 Mark-Costello Medical Waste Sterilizer for the past eight years. We are pleased with performance of this equipment and have had a fine working relationship with the Mark-Costello Company. The system continues to function well and allows our facility to avoid the liability and high cost of packaging and hauling untreated infectious waste.

We Anticipate several more years of operation from this waste treatment system.


Tony Klisura
Plant Operations Manager

Dear Mr. Markle:

The New England Medical Center purchased our first Mark-Costello sterilizer, Model AS47, for the treatment of infectious waste in 1989. As our patient load expanded, and because we were pleased with the operation of the unit, we purchased a second sterilizer of the same model in 1993. Some years later, with both of these units now operating. We made the decision to purchase a third unit for back up capacity. This system is a Model AS5AS 513 which has twice the capacity ( 983 lbs. per cycle ) of the AS47. These three sterilizers quite comfortably handle our total R.M.W load of approximately 155,000 lbs. per month.

Our cost for treatment and disposal using our Mark-Costello sterilizers is approximately 6.5 cents per pound. The cost to package and ship untreated waste off site using a regular medical waste hauler is approximately 18-22 cents per pound in our area.

Sterilizing infectious waste on site using Mark-Costello sterilizers gives us the security of knowing we have taken the appropriate steps to insure public safety while minimizing our hospital's liability.

When we have minor interruptions in the operation of our infectious waste sterilizers we can always depend on the outstanding Mark-Costello Co. technical service department to take care of our needs quickly and economically. The cost to maintain three of our units average $700 each per year.

The New England Medical Center is very pleased with the overall performance, reliability, simplicity, low maintenance and, above all the great cost saving over hauling untreated waste off site that we have attained over the past nine years of ownership.

If we find there is need for still another sterilizer, The Mark-Costello Co. will be hearing from us again.


Michelle Plante,
Environmental Health & Safety Director

Dear Mr. Markle,

I have been working in the Plant Operations of Hospitals for the past 20 years. During that time I have had the responsibility of maintaining various autoclaves for the treatment of biohazardous medical waste.

When I came to Doctors Medical Center a year and a half ago I found myself in charge of maintaining a Mark-Costello Co. autoclave that was nearly eight years old. After my past experience of trying to keep a high vacuum system with consistent problems in operation, I find maintaining the Mark-Costello gravity fed autoclave a pleasure, as there is seldom a malfunction. I attribute this to the fact they have kept the design simple with no need for highly technical maintenance and high dollar repair parts.

As a point of information, the Model we operate is a AS 512 equipped with a unique "pull out drawer" making it easy for the Housekeeping Staff to load. This unit has a capacity of approximately 750 lbs. per cycle.

We expect to keep our Mark-Costello autoclave in operation for another 8 years or longer !

Respectfully yours,

Phil Hineman
Director of Plant Operations
Doctors Medical Center
Modesto, CA

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